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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Please find below details of our extra-curricular school clubs.


Choir Club

Gymnastics Club

Mindful Monday

Speed Stacking

Yrs 4-6

Yrs 1-6

Yrs 1-3

Yrs 1-6

Mrs G Leach & Miss C Thurgood

Mrs V Hall

Miss R Mansfield & Miss A Jull

Miss L Williams







No Clubs (Staff Meeting)








Ballet Club

Football Club

Girls Football Club

Greater Depth Club

Yrs 2&3

Yrs 5&6

Yrs 5&6

Yr 5

Miss C Hopkinson & Miss A Jull

Mr D Walsh & Mr R Hoare

Miss L Williams

Mr R Shaw






Basketball Club

Football Club

Story and Drawing Club

Yrs 5&6

Yrs 3&4

Yrs 1&2

Miss J Quinn

Miss L Williams

Mrs A Burkitt







Sportshall Athletics

Yrs 5&6


Miss L Williams






Clubs will start on Monday 17th September and finish the week ending Friday 14th December unless specified otherwise. All clubs will run from 3 – 4pm. Please note all clubs will exit from their respective playgrounds, with the exception of Miss Williams’ Clubs who will exit from the main reception area.

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