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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Every class in the school is represented at the School Council, with children being voted for by their peers. Our School Council this year is.....

Callie Stonham, Rosie Wheeler, Ella Noton, Ryan Hughes, Jacob Watts, Charlie King, Angelique Caballes-Lavender (Absent on day of photo), Evie Ambrose, Taylor Aylward, Liam Harris, Bobbi-Jane Bryant, Callee Hopkinson, Max Agnew, Alfie Hill, Sofia Spasovski, Dexter Clarke, Alfie Ashley-Gordon, Harvey Clifton, Akvile Prokopaviciute.


All School Council members will be instantly recognisable by their red polo shirts!


School Council Meetings


School Council meetings are held every term by Mrs Graves, Miss Miles and Miss Mansfield. An agenda is set and there are opportunities for children to bring to the meeting anything they feel is important and needs to be discussed.


Our first School Council meeting was held on October 21st and the Key Stage 2 children were paired with Key Stage 1 children in order to support them both in class (when dealing with School Council business) and in meetings. Their first task was to ask their classes about a very important issue: 'How can we get more children to walk to school?'  Each member was given an ideas sheet to complete with their class so that everyone's thoughts could be shared at the next meeting.


Our second meeting will be held in December and the children will be able to feed back the ideas from Task one shared in their classes.  We will discuss all the ideas and select one that will be successful in our school. A new challenge for the School Council members will then be set.


We are always looking for ideas to improve the learning and environment at our school and we actively encourage all school council members to share any thoughts and ideas on any topic.  They are the 'voices of our pupils.'




Last year, the school council members were asked to discuss the new and improved Reading Areas.
These were some of the fantastic results!!

Our latest meeting was held on Tuesday 13th December and the school council members were eager to share their ideas. 


Here are some of the ideas the children collected to help increase the amount of children walking to school.

  • A prize draw for the class who walks the most throughout the year.
  • Extra play time.
  • Extra golden time.
  • A class treat for the class with highest amount of walkers.
  • Walking certificates.
  • Walking trophy
  • Special walking stickers
  • Sweets for winning walking class
  • Tokens
  • IPAD time.


There were lots of very good ideas and the winner will be picked in the new year.

There have been more improvements in school to our learning environment.  The teachers were asked to decorate their classroom doors and the children were able to input their own ideas.  Have a look at the photos to see the amazing creations we have on display at Hampton.

We asked the children what they thought about the new doors, here are a few quotes!


"They're very creative"


"They're colourful and well decorated."


"They show part of our Hampton values - creativity."


"The school looks a lot nicer, not boring but colourful!"

Our next meeting will be held in January, when we will be discussing the very important issue of attendance!
Some more highlights from last year...........


School Parliament


On Friday 18th March 2016 our school Council had the privilege of attending a School Parliament at Herne Bay Junior School where Roger Gale MP was the guest speaker.

Mr Gale took part in an experiment to show the children how the brain reacts to different situations. He was wired to a machine while children asked him questions regarding his party's policies.

The children were then split into groups where they undertook activities to stimulate their own brains and mindfulness including eating super foods, drawing pictures with dots and learning songs.

The children had a very interesting morning and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the School Council members from other local schools.

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