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Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage!


Welcome Foundation Stage parents and carers,


While our school is closed we will use the Home Learning link below to upload helpful links and additional resources that you can access to support your child.


 Your child came home with a learning pack containing fun and engaging activities using resources available in your home environment for the weeks commencing 23/3/2020 and 30/3/2020.  There will then be weekly learning activities uploaded from 20/4/2020 to the school website and to Tapestry.  We will aim to keep these activities as practical as possible as they would be in the classroom.  The safety and priority of your family is paramount so do not feel you have to complete all of the suggested activities.


Home Learning Packs

Each week we will upload a weekly home learning pack of suggested activities you can complete at home.  This learning pack will include a mixture of phonics, writing, reading, maths, handwriting and other areas of learning.  Where possible we are aiming to keep our activities as practical as possible and play based, as this is how the children learn in the classroom.  Sometimes there will be 3 parts to the challenge, each star making it slightly harder or longer to complete.  We hope you have fun as a family completing the activities.


Tapestry Challenge Time

The teachers will be setting additional small hands-on challenges that the children can complete at home - sometimes there will be 3 parts to the challenge, each star making it slightly harder or longer to complete.  The challenges will be sent to you via Tapestry and will also be posted in the Tapestry folder on the school website.  The challenges will be a range of phonics, reading, maths, and other learning area based activities. 


We will also upload fortnightly online safety activities and weekly mental health and wellbeing activities to the website.


If you can, please upload any activities your child completes, we would love to see any learning they are doing at home.  We miss the children and their BIG smiles very much.  We hope that all our families are staying safe and well.


Please contact your Foundation Stage teachers if you have any questions.  Their email addresses are below.  Staff will be checking these daily between 8.30 and 9.30.

Have fun learning at home.  


Please check back often to this page for any updates and keep a close eye on any communication from the school during this time.  


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