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Afternoon lessons


Today's afternoon lesson is PE. This term, we are our focus is Gymnastics.


Click to complete the Joe Wicks workout below as a warm up.

8 minute Workout with Spiderman


Main activity: Think about different ways you can travel e.g. from one side of the room to another.

Challenge: Can you consider ways of moving at different levels such as high, medium and low?


Can you put together a short sequence of 3-4 different ways of travelling. Remember to be careful of your surroundings when doing so please Year 3 smiley



BBC Bitesize: Reflection

When light from an object is reflected by a surface, it changes direction. It bounces off the surface at the same angle as it hits it. Watch the video to help explain this.

Complete the quiz too!



BBC Bitesize: Seeing in the dark reflective materials

In the video, Wee Willie Winkie investigates light and reflective materials. He chooses the most suitable equipment for going out on a dark night.




For PSHE this week we are learning how exercise affects your body and why your heart and lungs are important.

We need to exercise to keep our hearts and lungs strong and healthy. When we exercise our bodies need more oxygen so our lungs have to work harder to make sure there is enough oxygen in our blood. Our hearts have to beat faster to pump the blood around our bodies. This is hard work for our hearts and lungs but it makes them stronger.

Main activity: Watch the video below about tips and tricks to keep a healthy heart then make a mindmap or list the different ways you keep your heart and lungs healthy. You can write it, draw it or both!

Read through the story of 'Jesus heals a blind man'. 

Can you sequence the story?

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