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Our School Council Team 2022/2023

The School Council has met several times this term and have began to start discussing some of the changes they want to see happening in the school. We are currently using the Smart School Council website and program to help to try and include every single child in our decisions and to really promote children's voices across the school. As Hampton's School Council we strongly believe that everyone in our school matters and should be able to have a chance to influence what happens. 


This will happen throughout the year by using Class Meetings where everyone in class will have a chance to discuss topics which are raised and then be able to democratically vote on what choice they want to see implemented.


We will keep you up to date with each of our Class Meetings by posting the results directly onto this part of the website for everyone to see.

Class Meeting 1 - Term 1


For the first Class Meeting of the year we wanted to ask the children of Hampton about which ways they could share their feelings more. We decided as a School Council that sharing our feelings is so important and we shouldn't be embarrassed to talk about our emotions. 


We asked the children to discuss different ways in which they could share their emotions at school and then asked them to vote for one change they would like to see happen so that they could share their emotions more. 


These were the choices and results - 

    • Option 1 – A comments box for children to share how they feel (20 votes)
    • Option 2 – A display which children can use to move their names to show how they feel (77 votes)
    • Option 3 – Answering the register once a week by saying how they are feeling (24 votes)


Action - After the vote we decided that all of these things were important to have happening at Hampton but it was clear that a display showing emotions in each classroom might be important. We are going to write to Ms Nunn to share our findings. Here is our letter. 

Update - Following our conversation with Ms Nunn, we have now also written to all of the Year Group Leaders in the school discussing what we have found out from the voting. Year Group Leaders have agreed to roll out emotion displays in each classroom. Here is our letter.  

Class Meeting 2 - Term 2


For the second Class Meeting of the year we wanted to ask the children of Hampton about how we could be more eco-friendly. We decided as a School Council that looking after the environment is important and have come up with some different suggestions about how we could do that as a school. 


These were the results - 

    • Option 1 – Create a school eco team (61 votes)
    • Option 2 – Make use of food waste bins in the school (10 votes)
    • Option 3 – Choose certain days where children are encouraged to walk (41 votes)
    • Option 4 - Close the roads around the school on certain days to encourage a healthier atmosphere (16 votes)


We wrote Mr Hoare with our findings and asked if he thought it was a good idea, here is our letter. 

Update - Mr Hoare has written back to us about setting up an eco-council and he has agreed to look into getting one set up after Christmas. Here is his letter. 

During our most recent meeting as a School Council we thought about different things a new eco council could do around the school, here are some of our thoughts. 

Class Meeting 3 - Term 3


For the third Class Meeting of the year we wanted to ask the children of Hampton about the theme for Comic Relief day in March. We decided as a School Council that the children should be able to decide what they did for the day. 


These were the options and the results - 

    • Option 1 – Dress up as a Superhero - 13 votes
    • Option 2 - Dress in red - 2 votes
    • Option 3 - Crazy hair/clothing day - 9 votes
    • Option 4 - Sponsored silence in class - 2 votes
    • Option 5 - Dress in PJs day - 71 votes

We have written to Ms Nunn with our results and will now start planning for a pyjama day for Comic Relief!

Update - The PJ day was very succesful and the school ended up raising £494.46 for Comic Relief - well done Hampton!

Class Meeting 4 - Term 4


During this term we wanted the children to think about how we could improve everyone's engagement with reading across the school. We wanted to see how the children thought they should be rewarded for doing well on their AR quizzes and for reading lots at home. We decided as a School Council that the children should be able to vote on the options available.


These were the options and the results -

  • Option 1 - Certificates (4 votes)
  • Option 2 - Badges (42 votes)
  • Option 3 - Book vouchers draw (9 votes)
  • Option 4 - Whole Class Reward (34 votes)


We have written to reading team with our results and will wait to hear from them about what will happen next!

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