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Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner - Quynh Vu

My name is Quynh and I’m an Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner. I help children and young people at school with their emotional wellbeing and mental health. I support children and their parents in group workshops/sessions or through 1:1 sessions.  

What are Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners (EWPs)?


EWPs are part of a new government initiative that aims to promote good emotional wellbeing and mental health by supporting children and their families through prevention, early intervention and education. EWPs are based in schools.


What support do Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners offer?

There are a number of different ways that we may be able to support your child:

  • Groups and workshops for parents/carers on topics such as understanding your child’s behaviour, preparing for your child’s move to secondary school and ways of looking after your child’s emotional wellbeing;  
  • Groups and workshops for children on topics such as ways of looking after your wellbeing, and preparing for the transition to secondary school;
  • Support for children experiencing anxiety will be provided through sessions offered to parents/carers as this has been proven to be the most effective way to address anxiety in primary school aged children;
  • Support for children displaying challenging behaviour for parents/carers who would like to understand more about their child’s behaviour and work towards building a more positive relationship with them (for children under 8);
  • Supporting staff at Hampton through training and consultation.


How does my child access this support? How do I access this support?


Groups and workshops may be provided to your child in school and you will be informed if your child is included. Groups and workshops for parents/carers will be advertised by school.


If you feel that you or child would like support on a 1:1 level, please speak to our Family Liaison Officer, Janine Morgan. 


Online Workshops

NELFT will be running a number of online workshops which are free to attend and you don't have to sign up to them. The link at the bottom of this page has all the information you need and links to join the workshops you would like to attend. These workshops are extremely informative and well worth attending.  


If you would like to receive support for your child who is experiencing anxiety or you would like support to further understand your child’s behaviour as well as learning strategies to build a more positive relationship with your child, please speak to our Family Liaison Officer - Janine Morgan. 


If you would like to discuss any of the above information, please contact our Family Liaison Officer, Janine Morgan

Online and Face to Face Workshops and Groups

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