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Welcome to the Year 2 website page


We are extremely excited to be welcoming all Year 2 pupils back ready for the start of Term 4. We are now over halfway through the school year and time has flown by so quickly – we hope that you were all able to have a relaxing half term break!

We look forward to seeing each and every one of our Year 2 children grow and flourish as the year continues to progress. Here is a reminder of the class teachers and key adults across the year group:


Miss L Siddall (Year Group Manager)



Literacy: Man on the Moon

Maths: Money, Fractions and Measurements

Foundation Subjects: Out of This World Space 

Science: Animals lifecycles and health


2LS (Badgers)
Miss L Siddall (Class Teacher)
Miss Cleary (Class LSA)



2KB/RL (Foxes)
Mrs Bryant (Mon, Tues, Weds) and Ms Ludkins (Thurs, Fri) (Class Teachers)
Miss Case (Class LSA)


2EW (Hares)  
Mrs Wright  (Class Teacher)

Miss Soto-Tuite (Class LSA)


Mrs Everton (Year Group HLTA)

 Mrs Clubb, Miss Stewart, Mrs Wilson, Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris

(Additional LSAs)


If you have any specific enquiries regarding your child in Year 2 then please feel free to contact Miss Siddall. Miss Siddall can be directly contacted via Class Dojo or using the email address-


You can also contact Mr Phillips at

Year 2 Manager Contact Form

Mr Phillips the KS1 Lead, his email is:

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