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Quote for the day

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day!

What is wellbeing?

"the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy" 


What do the Wellbeing Team do?

The job of the wellbeing team is to support pupils on an individual and small group basis to help them address any barriers to learning. Their role is also to help pupils raise their own aspirations and support them in achieving their full potential at Hampton.  Maybe your little one is just feeling uncharacteristically sad at the moment, or there has been a big change in your family circumstances and this is affecting him/her. For whatever reason you feel your child is not coping well in school [emotionally, socially or academically] please make contact with the school and the Wellbeing Team will do their best to either support you directly or point you in the right direction.



Mindfulness can improve our wellbeing and help us focus on the task in front of us rather than worrying about past or future events.

In school, Mindfulness classes are taught by Miss Solly each week.  In each session, pupils will have the chance to talk about their feelings and thoughts with the idea to accept, investigate, work through and release.  Pupils are also given their own strategies to work on, whether this be at home or in school in order to help reduce stress, improve memory, empathy, concentration and to develop better creativity.

If you would like to try some mindfulness at home, there are some printable sheets at the bottom of this page.

For more information about mindfulness, click on the link below....



Specific programmes focusing on areas such as social skills, anger management or self esteem may be worked through if required and some children may access individualised support through ELSA or Mindfulness sessions.   Hampton Primary has chosen to participate in the ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) scheme which is organised by the Kent Educational Psychological Services.  Mrs Goodwin has successfully attended the training and continues to have supervision sessions with an Educational Psychologist with a group of ELSAs from local schools.   Mrs Goodwin works with individuals or pairs of children on a weekly basis for up to 10 weeks to provide a regular Emotional Literacy session covering specific, focused areas of Emotional Literacy.


Play therapy

Play Therapy is a clinical practice that gives children the opportunity to work through and process their problems and difficulties using their natural form of communication - Play! We are very lucky to have our own in-house Play Therapist - Lou Clarke. 

Meet the Team
Mrs Norman - Assistant Head and Wellbeing Team Lead

I have been working at Hampton for over 10 years and teaching for over 20! Initially I was Early Years/Year 1 Phase Leader which led me to being part of designing, setting up and opening up our own Little Hedgehogs Nursery in 2014 where I was given the role of Nursery teacher and was promoted at that time to Assistant Head. It was then that I was also asked to be Designated Safeguarding Lead. It has been during my time in this role that I have grown to understand just how important it is to look after our well being and mental health. For anyone to achieve and reach their full potential, they need to feel happy, safe, secure and most importantly, loved. Without these important factors, we cannot thrive. This led me to developing a huge interest in wellbeing and mental health, researching how we can get this right in schools for children and then finding myself being given the role of Wellbeing Lead and handing over my teaching responsibility to be out of class full time.  I really miss teaching and being in class, however, I absolutely love my job and my current role - I work with a fabulous team of people at Hampton who all have the same vision - that mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.  

What makes me smile? Spending time with friends and family, real belly laughs, chocolate, baking cakes, seeing other people happy in their lives, walking, exercising and holidaying in The Lake District - where I spend the whole time climbing mountains and topping up my wellbeing!

Mrs Usman - Family Liaison Officer

I began at Hampton in March of this year. I have extensive safeguarding and family work experience with the NSPCC, local government and higher education and am particularly interested in Child Developmental Psychology following my degree. I love working with families and children at Hampton and am passionate about being a friendly, non-judgmental face (or ear) to listen and to help take the weight off and offer some guidance on ways to access support or make some positive changes if needed. The team here at Hampton always want the best for our families and children and to be part of that is a very special thing which I treasure greatly.

What makes me smile? My family, roast dinners and the beach (not all together though)

Miss Solly - Learning and Behaviour Mentor

I have worked at Hampton for a number of years now and can say - wholeheartedly - that the Hampton team are wonderful and I love being part of such a great family!  

My professional background is in psychology and counselling studies as well as health and social care. I am currently studying and practicing mindfulness which helps me keep grounded and appreciate my surroundings.  

I love being outdoors - especially with my many pets! I have a particular interest in Forest School and love seeing how much enjoyment it brings to the children of Hampton.

What makes me smile? Family, friends, laughter, music and a big cup of tea! 

Mrs Goodwin - Learning and Behaviour Mentor

I always wanted to be a teacher and after 'A' levels, I took part in the Camp America scheme. I was a volunteer on a summer camp in New Jersey for children with Special Needs and I loved it. So much so, I went back for a second summer! My love for supporting children, rather than just teaching them, grew from there. 

After gaining my teaching degree I spent 4 years teaching in mainstream primary schools before moving to a special school for children with multiple learning difficulties. Teaching suddenly had a very different focus. I enjoyed developing children's social skills, introducing them to new experiences and improving their communication skills as well as following the curriculum from the Government. I have also worked within a children's home, running the school room, and even tried my hand as a SENCO at a primary school for a few years but ultimately, spending time helping, comforting and supporting children is what I wanted to do.

All of these differing experiences have been amazing but I have never worked anywhere like Hampton Primary School. Hampton is unique! A brilliant team of people who focus on the child as a whole, a fabulous family that look after each other, no matter what. I love being on the Well Being team and I love my job!

What makes me smile? Cuddles with my family, a lie in, fun in the sun and a family day out!


Mrs Tanner - Learning and Behaviour Mentor

I’ve come to Hampton following an undergraduate degree in psychology at UKC, a subsequent PGCE at Christchurch Canterbury and after many happy years as a primary school teacher. I have always believed that the key to learning well at school is being happy and so pupil wellbeing has been at the heart of everything I do. I also really value the significance in building confidence and developing self-esteem in children.  When we feel good about ourselves and believe we can do something, we very often can!  Everyone has lots of good qualities and we are all good at so many things; sometimes it just takes the right person to help us find them!

Joining the wonderful team at Hampton was a natural progression for me and I’m delighted to work in such a positive and forward-thinking school where pupil welfare is everything to everyone! 

What makes me smile? Seeing others happy, my family, shopping and chocolate! 

Lou Clarke - Play Therapist


I have been a member of Team Hampton since 2010.  During that time my roles have included supporting children with special needs and children that are in care.  My time at Hampton has also involved spending a few very enjoyable years in the Well Being Team. 

I’ve always been interested in mental health and this lead on to me researching the benefits of Play Therapy.  Play Therapy is a clinical practice that gives children the opportunity to work through and process their problems and difficulties using their natural form of communication - Play!  I learned that through Play Therapy, it is possible that children can experience emotional healing and self-growth.  In 2016, with the full backing of Hampton, I trained and set up the Play Therapy Practice that now runs twice a week.

There are many different reasons a child may come to see me.  Perhaps something has happened in a child’s life that is upsetting or worrying them.  Maybe a child is experiencing social, emotional, learning or behavioural problems.  You may have noticed a child who just seems very sad, angry or anxious and is not reaching their full potential.  The sessions offer each child a safe space to explore and work through their own unique thoughts, feelings and difficulties with someone that is trained to help them.

In addition to helping children and families in Hampton Primary School, you’ll also find me working in other schools around the area.  When I’m not travelling to schools, you’ll probably find me out walking with my dogs!

How can you help your child at home?


F.R.E.D is an acronym for the four practical ways in which children can help to look after their own good mental health:

Food – eating the right foods

Rest – getting enough sleep

Exercise – being active

Devices - digital devices and managing time online

Need support for your own mental health?

If you are feeling low or anxious, stressed or feel you are simply finding it difficult to cope at the moment, you can call the confidential Mental Health Matters Helpline for guidance and support. You can contact a trained and experienced support worker on 0800 107 0160.

Useful links

Useful downloads

Weekly wellbeing activities

During the national lockdown, it has been even more important that we keep our mental health in check.  Each week, all pupils in the school have been sent an optional wellbeing activity to do by the Wellbeing Team. Here are a few examples of the posts published on the school Tapestry and DOJO platforms.

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