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Welcome to our Wellbeing Page


Quote for the day

What is wellbeing?

"the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy" 


What do the Wellbeing Team do?

The job of the wellbeing team is to support pupils on an individual and small group basis to help them address any barriers to learning. Their role is also to help pupils raise their own aspirations and support them in achieving their full potential at Hampton.  Maybe your little one is just feeling uncharacteristically sad at the moment, or there has been a big change in your family circumstances and this is affecting him/her. For whatever reason you feel your child is not coping well in school [emotionally, socially or academically] please make contact with the school and the Wellbeing Team will do their best to either support you directly or point you in the right direction.



Mindfulness can improve our wellbeing and help us focus on the task in front of us rather than worrying about past or future events.

In school pupils will have the chance to talk about their feelings and thoughts with the idea to accept, investigate, work through and release.  Pupils are also given their own strategies to work on, whether this be at home or in school in order to help reduce stress, improve memory, empathy, concentration and to develop better creativity.

If you would like to try some mindfulness at home, there are some printable sheets at the bottom of this page.

For more information about mindfulness, click on the link below....



Specific programmes focusing on areas such as social skills, anger management or self esteem may be worked through if required and some children may access individualised support through ELSA or Mindfulness sessions.   Hampton Primary has chosen to participate in the ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) scheme which is organised by the Kent Educational Psychological Services. 


Play therapy

Play Therapy is a clinical practice that gives children the opportunity to work through and process their problems and difficulties using their natural form of communication - Play! We are very lucky to have our own in-house Play Therapist - Lou Clarke. 

Drawing and Talking

We offer our children, Drawing and Talking, when we feel they need a little extra support with their emotional and learning needs.  This program allows children to discover and communicate emotions through a non-directed technique. Our practitioner, Miss Chapman, works with individual children, in 30 minute sessions, once weekly for 12 weeks. Using this gentle and non-intrusive method, children get the time and support they need to progress.  

The Hive - Nurture Group

Our newest provision, The Hive, headed up by our Wellbeing Team, is a wonderful way to help truly nurture those children who may struggle with the routine of school life.  Each term we have a small group of 6 children, who benefit greatly from the calm and supportive atmosphere, whilst practicing their all important social and emotional skills.  Working towards raising self confidence and by providing a small, safe base, our nurture group really gives wrap around care, whilst our children begin to flourish.  

ASC Sibling Group - Come along and meet other children and young people who have a brother or sister with Autism. Learn about what Autism is and how it affects you.

Meet the Team

Mrs Morgan - Family Liaison Officer

I am new to Hampton this academic year;  I am really excited to work alongside a team that shares my passion and vision in supporting families and have wellbeing as their priority. I have worked as a family liaison officer and safeguarding lead before. Prior to this I have worked with children as a learning mentor and supported families with multi agency involvement. I have a passion for supporting families, improving outcomes for children. In order to improve outcomes for children I believe supporting the family as a whole is key. Unfortunately, children do not come with a manual and I know from personal experience it isn’t always an easy job. I am always available for a chat to discuss any worries or just to have a coffee and listen.  

What makes me smile? Long walks with my two doggies, with a cup of coffee in hand, is always better. Spending time with my family and friends. Switching off at the cinema for a few hours and last but not least working with children!  

Miss Chapman - Learning and Behaviour Mentor

Having been at Hampton for 6 years, where I started my journey in Education, I began as an LSA, supporting learning across the school, realizing more and more that my interests lie in children's mental health and wellbeing, I was lucky enough to join our amazing team. My family background is in Fostering and I grew up supporting many fostered siblings, as well as studying for a BSC in Psychology and Counselling, this has given me the skills and experience to better support our children.  Out of school, I enjoy long walks with my dog, spending time with my boys and our friends/family. 

I have worked at Hampton since 2015, firstly as a 1:1 and then as an LSA. Hampton has been amazing, not only for me working here but also for my own children who came here and loved it too! I have really enjoyed working with the children based in class but have realised my desire is to help in supporting children's well-being and I'm really looking forward to getting to know more of the children at Hampton!

What makes me smile? I love being with my friends and family, I also love eating, especially chocolate!'


Holly Muchmore - Learning and Behaviour Mentor

I began working with children and young people when I was 18 at an American summer camp, teaching sports to children from deprived neighborhoods. 

This experience inspired me to pursue a career working alongside children who had suffered very difficult, early life experiences.

I believe that all children should be afforded the same opportunity and be empowered and supported to overcome any obstacles they may face in order to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Prior to joining the Wellbeing Team I worked as project manager for a children's charity, delivering a youth programme across the County, designed to support children and young people who did not access any form of education or employment.

Hampton Primary School is the first mainstream school I have worked in and I am thoroughly enjoying working with such an experienced and nurturing team.

When I am not at work, I like to get up early, pack up a lunch and whisk the family off for surprise day trips and adventures.

I also love open water swimming and plan to make more time for this in 2023.

Attendance Lead

Dear Parents and Carers,

Hello, I’d like to introduce myself as the new Attendance Lead working with the FLO team. I come from a background working in support and advice roles at youth clubs and drop-in centres and am really excited about this new opportunity to work with the Hampton family community.

I am available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (8:15 – 12:15) with my office situated in the main reception area and am always happy to speak to you should you have any questions.  I look forward to getting to know the children and being available to support you in any way you need with your child/children's attendance.

Kind regards

Daisy Bradberry


Lou Clarke - Play Therapist


I have been a member of Team Hampton since 2010.  During that time my roles have included supporting children with special needs and children that are in care.  My time at Hampton has also involved spending a few very enjoyable years in the Well Being Team. 

I’ve always been interested in mental health and this lead on to me researching the benefits of Play Therapy.  Play Therapy is a clinical practice that gives children the opportunity to work through and process their problems and difficulties using their natural form of communication - Play!  I learned that through Play Therapy, it is possible that children can experience emotional healing and self-growth.  In 2016, with the full backing of Hampton, I trained and set up the Play Therapy Practice that now runs twice a week.

There are many different reasons a child may come to see me.  Perhaps something has happened in a child’s life that is upsetting or worrying them.  Maybe a child is experiencing social, emotional, learning or behavioural problems.  You may have noticed a child who just seems very sad, angry or anxious and is not reaching their full potential.  The sessions offer each child a safe space to explore and work through their own unique thoughts, feelings and difficulties with someone that is trained to help them.

In addition to helping children and families in Hampton Primary School, you’ll also find me working in other schools around the area.  When I’m not travelling to schools, you’ll probably find me out walking with my dogs!

How can you help your child at home?


F.R.E.D is an acronym for the four practical ways in which children can help to look after their own good mental health:

Food – eating the right foods

Rest – getting enough sleep

Exercise – being active

Devices - digital devices and managing time online

Need support for your own mental health?

If you are feeling low or anxious, stressed or feel you are simply finding it difficult to cope at the moment, you can call the confidential Mental Health Matters Helpline for guidance and support. You can contact a trained and experienced support worker on 0800 107 0160.

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